Practice Areas

At Lex Christi, we primarily deal with clients who have legal questions regarding property tax, tax certificate, and tax deed questions. Our clientele includes business investors as well as home and property owners who either invest in or have failed to pay their property taxes and are dealing with a property that has been (or soon will be) sold at auction. However, we do handle many other legal areas including but not limited to:

Real Estate
– Ensuring clear title
– Closings
– Leases / Rental Agreements / Sales Contracts
– Evictions / Unlawful Detainers
– Tax Liens / Tax Certificates / Tax Deeds
– Fire District Foreclosures / Deeds / Liens
– Municipal Liens / Weed Liens

– Establishing and operating businesses in a complex legal environment
– Assisting in complex tax and financial issues
– Registered Agent for out-of-state businesses
– LLC and corporation formation

– Resolving disputes BEFORE they go to the court system
– Helping resolve marital conflicts BEFORE they lead to a divorce
– Helping individuals and businesses resolve financial issues BEFORE having to file bankruptcy

Constitutional Law
– Fighting for limited government and against tyranny
– Defending against government intrusion

– Adoptions
– Reconciliation to prevent divorce
– Wills / Estate Planning
– Probate of Estates
– Homeschooling and Christian Day Schooling

– Protecting against government intrusion into the jurisdiction of the church
– Navigating the complex tax issues that are involved with churches and other non-profit organization
– Charitable trusts
– Non-profit corporations (501(c)(3))

These are just some of the areas that we can help you with.  Please contact us for more information about any of these areas or any other area that you think you need help with!

At Lex Christi, we serve not only Alabama residents and businesses, but also many out-of-state investors who invest in real estate in Alabama. We operate primarily in the Birmingham / Jefferson County area, but handle cases for our clients throughout the State of Alabama including Shelby County, Blount County, and St. Clair County. We regular handle tax property matters in Mobile and Baldwin County, Huntsville / Madison County, and in many other counties throughout the state. Contact us today at (205) 686-3555.