Alabama Expungement Bill

EraserAlthough not ideal, the Alabama legislature has now passed a bill that will allow for certain records to be expunged, or in layman’s terms, removed from the public record.  The good part is that you can have your record expunged when you were found not-guilty, the charges were dismissed, or in certain cases, you complied with the court’s deferred prosecution program (drug court, mental health court, etc.).  The only drawback is that the court doesn’t do all of this for you on their own initiative.  Thus, you have to apply for this and with that comes the court costs.

Why would you want your record expunged?  Many employers may use your criminal record when they make a determination as to whether to hire you.  And often times it doesn’t make a difference to them whether you were convicted or not…simply being arrested can affect your employment.  In Alabama, your record is not cleared over time.  Thus, if you were arrested early on, that arrest can haunt you for the rest of your life.

So, if you have something in your record that you need expunged, please contact us for a free consultation to see if your situation qualifies under the new expungement law.  The new law takes effect in July of 2014, but we can consult with you today!

We expect the final bill to include the following:

  • Misdemeanor criminal offenses
  • Violations
  • Traffic violations
  • Municipal ordinance violations
  • Non-violent felonies

The law will not completely destroy the records, but it will make them only accessible to a very limited number of entities.  Please contact us so we can help get these unjust marks off of your record!