Selling Bodies: What We Have Learned

In the recent weeks, we have seen a lot of media coverage and debate regarding the sale of fetal tissues for, according to StemExpress, the use of “science” and to “gain new insight, ask new questions and provide hope”.

What we see however is that when their methods are scrutinized and called into question, their message of hope and discovery turns into a scramble to hide what they do and cover up the facts of killing and using human babies for their own profit and contorted gain.

As David Daleiden, the man who interviewed/posed as a buyer to top officials at StemExpress said in an interview on July 31st:

David Daleiden

StemExpress is trying to suppress a specific video recording of a meeting with their top leadership where their leadership admitted that they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory from the abortion clinics that they work with – and that could be prima facie evidence of born-alive infants. So that’s why they’re trying to suppress that videotape – and they’re very scared of it.

The two sides of the case are on the one hand, the plaintiffs case states that California law does not allow private conversations to be recorded without both parties consent. On the other hand, the defendant has stated that if the court does incurs a restraining order, it would be a violation of their first amendment rights.

While these are both legitimate concerns, Constitutional rights come before state law, and especially in a case of moral abasement with regards to the sale and use of murdered human tissue, the law has a moral responsibility to allow the freedom of speech so that the public can know of the atrocities perpetuated by StemExpress.

Also keep in mind that the main accomplice to StemExpress, and the company who supplied many of the bodies they use for research, is Planned Parenthood. StemExpress did however cut ties with Planned Parenthood after the allegations from CMP were released.

What the takeaway so far for us at Lex Christi Law is that whenever you try to perpetuate a wrong worldview, especially, but by no means limited to one that includes the murder of babies, you will be exposed eventually. And when looking at such demeaning acts performed by unrighteous companies such as StemExpress, we really should not be surprised. When we have become used to the daily murder of babies in our local towns and states, or at least numb to the fact that it exists, why are we surprised when they make the best use of the leftover parts from their operations? What we should do however, is to continue to stand strong, and let this glimpse into the world we do not often have contact with spur us on to renew our fight against the evil perpetuated in the name of science.