Registered Agent in Alabama for Out-of-State Businesses

Registered AgentAlabama requires all registered businesses to maintain (1) a registered agent, and (2) a registered office in the State of Alabama.  This applies whether you have a Corporation (C-Corp., S-Corp., Non-Profit, Professional), LLC, LP, LLP, RLLP, REIT, or other state-registered limited liability entity.  In a nutshell, the State requires that you have someone here in Alabama who can receive important state documents and legal service of process.

Even if not required, it can often times be very beneficial so as to ensure documents are received and processed in a timely manner as well as ensure employees on site are not exposed to the potentially embarrassing situation of being served with a lawsuit.  Additionally, this helps ensure employees at lower levels in your business don’t mishandle or possibly lose important documents coming from the State.  The Registered Agent becomes the single point-of-contact for the State agencies and even the State courts.

At Lex Christi, we offer these services.  Please contact us for more details on how we can help you by being your registered agent!  We can also help with becoming incorporated, or forming an LLC or other limited liability entity.